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Latest PUBG PS4 News & Update

PUBG Xbox One

After the long preview version of PUBG on Xbox One, the PUBG Xbox One has been
released with new Sanhok map a few weeks ago. And now, all PS4 gamers are enthusiastically waiting for the PUBG PS4 version. One good news is the latest PUBG PS4 news is that the Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea have rated PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for PlayStation 4.

Yes, you heard it right. PUBG has been rated in PS4 in Korea. Well, you can also take a look at in the below image that conforms PUBG for PS4 is coming soon. So, those who were asking when PUBG will come to PS4, then you can show then this post. Well, Korean has earlier leaked the existence of Fornite on Switch ahead of time, as well as Sunset Overdrive on PC and the existence of Hitman 2. And these leaks were right as well. So, you will soon get PUBG PS4 release date.

PUBG PS4 news

Before these Korean gaming rating has listed the PUBG for PS4, During a trailer talking about the development of PUBG for Xbox One that Microsoft showed at Gamescom 2018, there was a tour of the development studio that seemed to accidentally show PS4 development units in use in the background. These both incidents indicate that the release date of PUBG for PS4 is not too far.
We know that Microsoft allows the PUBG Preview version for the Xbox One before the full product release. But, Sony doesn’t allow unfinished or preview version of PUBG for PS4. They need a perfect and stable version of the game on the PlayStation platform. Hence, there won’t be any PUBG Preview version for PS4. You will get the final and real version of the soon on PS4. As there are more than 70 million PlayStation 4 users around the world, the player unknown battlegrounds ps4 version should be great and perfect.
While talking about PUBG PS4 price and release date to the Bluehole team, they said:
“At this time, the Bluehole dev team is focused on bringing PUBG to Xbox One and its continued development on PC. As for future plans on other platforms, there’s nothing to announce at this time.”
“They’re free to self-pub on PS4, and they will, it’s not locked down like Sunset Overdrive was, etc,” Corden told followers on Twitter.
“We definitely do have plans and thoughts about other platforms.”
“But at the same time, we’re still an early access game. Our mentality and direction has always been to receive as much feedback as possible from our community and iterate based off that.”

PUBG PS4 Release Date

If you have owned the Dead Rising 4 on PS4, then you may have noticed that it was first released for Xbox One in 2016 and also took a year to release it for PS4. Like that, we expect the release of PUBG for PS4 in this holiday as it was launched for Xbox One in last December.

PUBG PS4 Price

Well, the PUBG Xbox One version of the game is available at $29.99. There is not current news regarding the price of PUBG PS4 version. But, once we get any news about the PUBG PS4 price, we will tell quickly for sure.

PUBG PS4 Gameplay

If you don’t know PS4 gameplay or how to play PUBG on PS4, then talking about the gameplay of PUBG PS4, it will be similar like PC, Xbox One and smartphone where 100 players parachuted to the small island. Once you landed, get weapons, healing stuff, and start killing an opponent to become the last man survival. As you know that it is battle royal game, you should survival until the end. One great thing about the game is it gives a realistic feel and graphic that you have not seen before in any game.

For sure you would want to get PUBG for PS4 now, but you should wait a little longer to play PUBG on your PS4 console. Hope you will play PUBG with some PUBG Christmas Skin on this winter on your PlayStation 4. If you want to ask anything related to the Playerunknown’s battlegrounds-the battle royal game, then you can directly ask us in comments!