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اهلا وسهلا بك عزيزي المتصفح مدونة أسد Blog Lion ان كنت تريد التعليق على الموضوع بخصوص الموضوع يمكنك التعليق عبر الصندوق نرجو عدم اضافة روابط

ان كنت تريد وضع رابطك قم بالاتحاه الى اتصل بنا وارسل لنا رابط مدونتك او موقعك سااقوم بااضافة رابطك كي تكسب خلفية قوية وباك لاينك لاترفق اي رابط بتعليق وشكرا لتفهمكم
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Big Farm online

 Big Farm

Big Farm
Compete with your friends and other players to have the best farm in the world. Begins to grow crops, raise animals. Build houses for living and other buildings to make products. Sell ​​and buy products to thrive. Hire employees to help you and communicate with your friends to create cooperatives and thus grow much more and better. Visit the farms of your friends to see if they are doing better than you.
You can create your own cooperative and call more friends to become part of it, or just join other existing cooperatives. Teamwork is the key to success. Work your farm daily to manage to have the best and most productive of all your neighbors. Buy and sell products, build new buildings, stores, products and keep your employees happy so that production is the most optimal.

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